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We would like to give a sincere welcome to all of you, tourists, visiting Goseong-gun County. Goseong-gun County is the northernmost frontier of the east sea.

To the north it borders Tongcheon-gun County of North Korea with Mt. Geumgangsan lying between the two, to the east the east sea, to the west Inje-gun County with Mt. Hyangnobong standing as a border, and to the south Yeongnang-dong of Sokcho-si City.
Goseong-gun County, 664.19㎡ in area, is a region that has preserved its natural beauty which was a gift of god, with four vivid seasons and the mountains, the lakes and the ocean, all in harmony.

Goseong-gun County holds the historical traditional cultural properties such as Cheongganjeong Pavilion, once a pilgrimage site of Hwarangs, Geonbongsa Temple , and Wanggok-maeul village.
Unification Observatory which deepens the yearn for unification when looking at the Mt. Geumgangsan within a foot, the endless golden sand along the 56km coast, the many bathing places, the magnificent autumn leaves blossoming in the mountains, the snow scope, and the beautiful ski slopes make Goseong-gun County a worldly renowned tourist attraction with all four seasons full of life.

We hope you feel the generous hearts of the residents in the fresh raw fish and other plentiful and delicious traditional food.
We, here in the district government of Goseong-gun County, will devote all our administrative ability in maintaining convenient facilities for you tourists.

Welcome, tourists! 50,000 residents of Goseong-gun County will do our best to give you a heartwarming and comfortable touring experience, and the footsteps that you leave here will be kept as a loving memory.

Thank you.