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Goseong is situated in the northernmost trip of Gangwon-do. 46% of this land is restricted to military protection area.
Goseong is located between Geumgangsan and Seoraksan and has natural beauties including moutains, beaches, lakes and valleys, and tourist attractions such as Unification observatory, Alps ski resort and culture relics. So it is one of the best tourist attractions.
1894 Goseong-gun & Ganseong-gun, Gangwon-do
1895.05.26 Royal order 98(promulgated 5/26/1985) subtitle23 in operation, attached to Gangneung-bu
1895.08.04 Royal order 36(promulgated 8/4/1895) subtitle13 in operation, return to Goseong-gun and Ganseong-gun, Gangwon-do
1896.03.01 Departmental ordinance 111(promulgated 12/21/1913) abolition and amalgamation of gun/myeon, Goseong-gun was amalgamated to Ganseong-gun(9 myeons)
1919.05.15 Departmental ordinance 88(promulgated 5/9/1919) abolition of Ganseong-gun and renamed to Goseong-gun Jukwang and Toseong included in Yangyang-gun(7 myeons)
1945.08.15 At liberation, all districts goes under the rule of communist
1954.10.21 statute350(promulgated 1/21/1954) repaired district temporary administrative measures in operation, 4 myeons south of the truce line in jurisdiction
1963.01.01 statute1178(promulgated 11/21/1962) Jukwang-myeon and Toseong-myeon, Yangyang-gun included in Goseong-gun(6 myeons)
1973.07.01 Executive order 6542(promulgated 3/12/1973) Sajin-ri and Jangcheon-ri, Toseong-myeon included in Sokcho-shi, Executive order 6543(promulgated 3/12/1973) Geojin-myeon promoted to Geojin-eub
Flower of Goseong : Sweet brier

Bird of Goseong : Black - tailed gull

Tree of Goseong : Ginkgo tree