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Tongil-Jeonmangdae(Unification Observatory)
The security training place to feel grief of homesickness and being cut in halves.
Where the fantastic drive course next to the endless sea ends, you will find Unification Observatory, the junction of a demilitarized zone and south boundary line at the height of 700m above the sea. Here at the famous tour site, more than 1,500,000 persons visit every year, you can find religious facilities such as Mary statue, Mireukbul statue, Jeonjincheol statue for those who wish the unity or who miss there family in North Korea. Also, there are exhibits for security instruction such as an armored car, a tank, an airplane, etc. for kids.. Myeongho-ri, Hyeonnae-myeon, Goseong-gun, 38 degrees 35 minutes north latitude
all through the year
Open hours
(spring and autumn), 09:00-15:30
Adults W2,000 Students W1,000
Procedure for entry : Filling out the form(width ID)-> Watching slide show for 7 min.-> Moving to Unification observatory(10mins.)
Unification observatory
No shuttle bus. Impossible to get ther on foot. Tongilanbo(Unification Security)park-> Unification observatory Declaration of entry and education
You must pass by the park to get to Goseong Unification observatory and make the entry process.