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The old temple at the edge of southernmost of Geumgangsan, Hwaamsa
Hwaamsa Temple, built by Jinpyoyulsa in the reign of Silla’s Haegongwang(769A.D.), is an ancient temple of over a thousand years of age. Taking its place in the range of Cheonhusan, Hwaamsa Temple is a very beautiful place with the view of the clear water that falls from deep valleys and the East sea in the far view.
There is an interesting legend in Hwaamsa Temple. The legend says that the Buddhist monks of the old times always had trouble with getting donations, because of the far distance of the temple and the village, so the spiritual discipline was very difficult. One day, in the dream of a monk in the temple, an old white-haired man appeared, and said that there is a hole in the rock of the mountain in front of the temple, and he told the monk to put his staff in the hole and shake it three times. The monks rushed there and did what the man told, and rice came pouring out. From this day on, the monks could concentrate on their spiritual discipline and no more worry about food. However, when a passing by monk heard this and shook the staff in the hole many times out of greed, blood came pouring out, instead of rice. The moral of the story is that being too greedy brings misfortune. The Subawi of Hwaamsa Temple is famous for a path up the mountain, and the International mountain marathon contest held here every September.
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