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Breeding ground of seasonal birds with pine forests and sweet briers, Hwajinpo.
The Hwajinpoho Lake, surrounded by a white sand beach and a thick pine tree forest, resembles so much the scenery of an ocean side. You do not feel that it is a lake. There is a reason for that. Just as the Sonjiho Lake, Hwajinpo Lake is a lagoon. A lagoon is a lake formed outside the ocean by sand spit, a reef, and a sand bank. The sand washed down from the river, which connected to the ocean and thus completed a lake, formed the beach. The sands of Hwajinpo Lake are especially white and clean, due to its way of forming, and was declared monument number 10 in Gangwon-due for that reason. The biggest on the coast of the East sea, the perimeter of Hwajinpo Lake reaches 16 kilometers. As big as it is beautiful, Hwajinpo Lake won the hearts of Kimilseong and Leeseungman, and their villas are nearby. The two villas, facing each other with the lake between it, still remain and are used as a tourist attraction. These two villas were reformed as History Museums for Hwajinpo, and are now facilitated by the army headman supporters.' It is open to civilians, and visiting here and Hwajinpo Lake will be fun'. Hwajinpo in the winter is another attraction. Big swans, black beak swans, eagles, and many more migrating birds gather in Hwajinpo. Hwajinpo Lake creates a grand sight with the migrating birds. In mid-winter, January or February, you can enjoy the smell of fishing. Surrounding the lakes are the remains of prehistoric times, which can be used as a training center. Ten dolmens are located in there of Hwapo-ri and Jukjeong-ri. The area of Hwajinpo has table shaped dolmen, and is the southern sea boundary line. The thick forests, a lake with a clean beach, the villas of the north and south Korean leaders, the scenery of the migrating birds, and the prehistoric remains, these are what you will meet at Hwajinpo Lake. The harmony of something that doesn’t seem to match at all, this is the charm of Hwajinpo Lake.

It has presented a grand sight with some rare species of birds like natural monument No. 201, swan and the ducks since 1970s. There is Geumgudo(island) off the coast of Chodo-ri which was used as the base of the naval forces during Silla Dynasty. It is covered with bamboo trees, in the middle of which some vestiges of old times were found in April, 1997.
History security museum
Tourists can see the important historical events and life style of Korea.
  The castle of Hwajinpo(Kim llseong's summer house) : A missionary couple asked
A missionary couple asked a German political exile and architect, Beber to build it and it was built in 1938. Kim ilseong and his family used it as a summer house from 1948, which was two years Korean War. This is a two-story building with a basement but was damaged during the war. It was restored in March, 2005.
  Leeseungman’s summer house
Leeseungman's villa, the first president, was built in 1954, and in 1961 it was ruined and removed. However, in July 1999, the army rebuilt it like the original and managed it as a pavilion with the contributed 53 articles left by the departing of his family.
  Leegibung’s summer house
It was built in 1920s by foreign missionaries and preserved until today. It was used as a recreation facility by executives of the North Korean communists party right after the liberation, and from the time of truce, Park Maria, wife of the vice-president of the time, Leegibung, used it as a private villa. It was repaired to a museum in July, 1999.
all through the year Open hours : 09:00~17:30, 09:00~18:00(7.15~8.20)
Adults W2,000
Students W1,000
Hwajinpo History security museum 82-33-680-3359
Hwajinpo Tourist Information center 82-33-680-3677
Take a local bus from Sokcho express terminal to Tongil-Jeonmangdae stop Hwajinpo(about 1hour)
Hwajinpo Aquarium
This is the only and the best ocean museum of the east coast
  This is the only and the best ocean museum of the east coast. It displays shellfished, fossils, corals and rare fish. A building shaped like a ship was built near shellfish museum and then they became ocean museum. The museum which is the largest in East Coast was organized with the aid of fish researchers of Coex Aquarium, Seoul There are about 125 species and 2400 fish including some corals, tropical fish, fish living in east coast. There also is an undersea tunnel which will give you a mystery and unforgettable experience.
all through the year
Open hours : 9:00 ~ 18:00(Mar.~Sep.),9:00 ~ 17:00(winter)
Adults ₩5,000 Students \4,000 Hwajinpo Aquarium 82-33-682-7300, 681-8157
Hwahinpo Tourist Imformation Center 82-33-680-3677
Take a local bus from Sokcho express terminal to Tongil-Jeonmangdae stop Hwajinpo(about 1 hour)