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The harmony of luxuriant pine forests and crystal-clear water, Songjiho
Songjiho Lake, located in Obong-ri, Jukwang-myeon, Goseong-gun and area along the Obongsan, is a big natural lake with a perimeter of 4 kilometers and about 200,000 pyeong of area. It is called Songjiho Lake for the thick pine forest that surrounds it, and it is also called the binoculars lake because of its shape, which resembles a pair of binoculars with the range of obongsan reaching inside the lake. Songjiho Lake has a clear water color and a fixed water depth, and along with the thick pine forest is famous for the visitation of the winter seasonal bird swan. Songjiho Lake is a lagoon, which means that it used to be a part of the ocean. The accumulation of the sand that was streamed in from the rivers blocked its waterway and caused it to separate from the ocean, turning it into a lake. Songjiho Lake is combined with the ocean when there are high waves, or during the monsoon season. The salt-water fish, such as mullet, dace, salgamsaengi, join the existing fresh-water fish such as carp, crucian, creating abundant fish. In the surroundings is a pavilion called Songhojeong, reconstructed in 1997.

- seasonal bird inspection corps : height 5m
- Parking lot and benches are prepared for your rest.
- Rapes in spring and cosmos in autumn attract visitors' eyes.
all through the year
free Goseong-gun office
Take a local bus No.1 to Ganseong from Sokcho, stop Songjiho, Oho-ri(about 10 minutes), 5minutes' walk