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Hwajinpo Aquarium
This is the only and the best ocean museum of the east coast
This is the only and the best ocean museum of the east coast. It displays shellfished, fossils, corals and rare fish. A building shaped like a ship was built near shellfish museum and then they became ocean museum. The museum which is the largest in East Coast was organized with the aid of fish researchers of Coex Aquarium, Seoul There are about 125 species and 2400 fish including some corals, tropical fish, fish living in east coast. There also is an undersea tunnel which will give you a mystery and unforgettable experience.
  Shellfish exhibition
It exhibits about 40,000 pieces of 1500 species of super-rare shellfish such as giant shellfish, Crustacea, corals, fossils and stuffed animals
  Coral island and tropical fish
The exquisitely beautiful small creatures such as sea horses, tropical fish, jellyfish and corals, the flowers of the sea are exhibited.
  Undersea tunnel
Ocean museum's highlights is a undersea tunnel aquarium. This is just 10 meter long and small but tourists can experience the mystery of the sea and watch various kinds of fish which are full of life.
  Fish of the East Sea exhibition
There are the Alaska Pollacks which are the fish of Goseong salmon, octopus and others. It has some films about travelling of dolphins, fishing at the harbor and the formation of Hwajinpo in a picture hall. Tourists can see the films there.
all through the year
Open hours : 9:00 ~ 18:00(Mar.~Sep.),9:00 ~ 17:00(winter)
Adults ₩5,000 Students \4,000 Hwajinpo Aquarium 82-33-682-7300, 681-8157
Hwahinpo Tourist Imformation Center 82-33-680-3677
Take a local bus from Sokcho express terminal to Tongil-Jeonmangdae stop Hwajinpo(about 1 hour)