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Eo-Myeonggi’s gaok(house)
T Location : Sampo-ri, Jukwang-myeon, Goseong-gun
Assigned number : National folk data number 131
Assigned date : January 10th, 1984
The Eomyeonggi House is a Korean traditional house located in Eo village in Sampo-ri, Jukwang-myeon. It was first built in the 1500's, lost around the 1750's, then rebuilt three years later. It has preserved the 'old wealthy classes house form in its original form' in a 37pyeong sized squire form, and was declared national important traditional data number131 on January 10th of 1984.
The form of the house is a midorijip with octagonal roof, and is stacked straight up on the high foundation rock to make an ark. Other than the main building is a foot mill, servants’ rooms, a barn, and the toilet. Due to the abrasion of the foot mill, the building is supposed to have been built at least 250 years ago.
In the estate development of the North in 1946, the house was seized and used as an office of the People’s Committee. During the Korean War it was used as the Korean military first corps headquarters hospital, and in the year 1987 it went through compensation and improvement with a budget of 27,000,000 Korean won. This house was bought by Eomyeonggi, who is the great grandfather of the current owner of the Eomyeonggi House, as farmland some 3,000 pyeong in the 1860's. On his will, there is said to be a request to his descendants never to sell the land.

    Take a local bus from Sokcho to Ganseong and get off Obong-ri, it's a 15minute walk to the village. The best place stay is Minbak(homestay).