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Wanggok village
Wanggok village with traditional houses of the northern district.
Wanggok village, located in the back of Songjiho Lake, Jukwang-myeon, is the past name for the current Obong 1-ri. A gathered village was formed in the 14th century when Gangneung Hams, Gangneung Chois, along with Yonggung Kims came to this village and built tile-roofed houses using the tilery in the near Guseong-ri.
This village is the only place where traditional northern style Korean house built around the 19th century are still preserved and the tradition is carried on. This village was never bombed thanks to the five mountain tops surrounding the village.
The house form of Wanggok village allows inner room, sarangbang, floor, and kitchen all in a 40∼60 pyeong building. There's a kitchen inside with a stable made to "┐" letter shape that is convenient in living in a cold area with a long winter. It is mostly a house with several wings that is common in the Gwanbuk area including Hamgyeong-do.
This village was declared a traditional form preservation district in 1988 and 18 traditional houses, 1 straw-roofed house, 2 monuments for dutiful sons repaired Sohacheon 98m have been improved in a 10 year preservation plan with a budget of 954,000,000 Korean won($ 795,000) in the '89∼'94.