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One of Gwandong's eight beauties and one of eight sunrise beauties of Seorak.
Cheongganjeong Pavilion, located by the East sea at the foot of the mountain of 81 Cheonggan-ri, Toseong-myeon, is neatly built as an octagonal middle height pavilion on the fantastic rock stiffs where Cheonggyeongcheon flows down from Mt. Seoraksan valleys. The sunrise and sunset viewed here and the ecstatic state of waves coming like clouds then go as a mist make Cheongganjeong Pavilion the most exquisite of the Do tangible cultural property number 32. The builder or the year that it was built is unknown for the declared Cheongganjeong Pavilion, but according to the record that Ganseong governor Chocheong left in Joseon age, Jungjong 15(1502), it is supposed to have been built before. It was lost in the Gapsin political crisis in 1884, but was reconstructed in 1928 with the suggestion of at the time head of Toseong-myeon Kim, Yongjip. On August 1st, 1908, it was finally dismantled to be restored by former president Choi, Gyuha in August 1st, 1980 donating 130,000,000 won as repair coast at his inspection. The tablet of Cheongganjeong Pavilion was written by hand by Songsiyeol when he was prime minister during the reign of Hyeonjong during the Joseon dynasty. And the tablet written by former president Lee, Seungman in 1953 still hangs there.
all through the year free Goseong-gun office 82-33-680-3362 Take a local bus to Ganseong from Sokcod, stop Cheongganjeong(about 20 minutes)