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The trace of classical architecture at the edge of Geumgangsan-Geonbongsa
Geonbongsa Temple at the end of Mt. Geumgangsan is an old temple made in Beopheunwang(520). It's one of the Korean top 4 temples which led 9 branch temples such as Seoraksa, Sinheungsa, and Baekdamsa Temple.
It is a vestige of the defense of the fatherland that was also the rebellion place of warrior monks during the Japanese invasion of Korea. At its peak time it was supposed to be a great Buddhist temple of 3,183 kans, but most of it has been lost over the Korean War. Recently the restoration of the Geonbongsa Templeji and the temple is at work. Buddha's Jinsinchiasari that Silla's Jajangyulsa brought from the Dang dynasty, Burimun(cultural property number 35 in Gangwon-do) which has a Geumgangje(a kind of weapon that guards against evil things) carved on it, Neungpagyo of a exquisite architectural form, a stone pillar with the design of Baramil carved and more remain in the old temple site of Geonbongsa Temple(monument number 51 in Gangwon-do).