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Ganseong Hyanggyo

Location : Gyodong-ri, Ganseong-eub, Goseong-gun
Assigned data : Gangwon-do cultural property data number 104
Assigned date : January 7th, 1985
Ganseong Hyanggyo was built in Sejong2(1402) in Yonghyeon-dong (now, Soirong-gol, Sang-ri Ganseong-eub), but due to wars such as Japanese invasion of Korea, it was moved several times.
It was moved to 664 Gyodong-ri, Ganseong-eub, now, in Injo 18(1640), but majority of the building was destroyed by the great commotion 6.25. Daeseongjeon Donseodaejeseongmun in 1956, Myeongryundang in 1960, Dongseomu in 1966, Oisamun in 1982, and Daeseongjeon in 1988 were dismantled to be restored.
Ganseonghyanggyo was assigned as a cultural property data number 104 in January 7th, 1985. In here are the mortuary tablets of Confucian sages including Gongja. These are the ones from the establishment.
Ganseong Hyanggyo perform Seojeonje supervised by Yurimhoi, in February and August according to the lunar calendar every year. Also, traditional moral school is held for youth every year to teach idea of loyalty and filial piety and traditional rules of etiquette.