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There is a beautiful stone pillar shaped of rainbow when people go from Daeungjeon to an old temple site. The upper layer of it shapes a semicircle with lozenge-shaped stones. The figure looks mysterious.(Treasures 1336) 

38-1 Naengcheon-ri, Geojin-eub, Goseong-gun

Assigned number
Treasure number 1336

Name of the cultural property
Geonbongsa Temple Neungpagyo

Geonbongsa Temple Neungpagyo in Goseong is an arch connecting Daeungjeon and Geukrakjeon of Geonbongsa Temple. It's comparatively big and in good condition. According to Neungpagyo Sincanggibi(built in Sukjong 34(1708)) next to Burimun, it was built between Sukjong 30(1704) to Sukjong 33(1707), Joseon age. It collapsed due to the big flood in Yeongjo 21(1745), and repaired in Yeongjo 25(1749). Once again it collapsed in Gojong 17(1880), and the building stone was used in repair of stone steps and Sanyeongru of Daeungjeong. The size of the bridge is 3m wide and 14.3m long, and the height of the middle part of the bridge is 5.4m. In the middle of the bridge, a big arch was made. The diameter of the lower part was 7.8m and the height from the lower part of the base stone is 4.5m. It's actual height will be taller.