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The world jamboree site(2,500,000 pyeong) in Sinpyeong, Toseong-myeon is where the biggest festival of the world were held. In 1991, 20,000 youth and members from 133 countries gathered here. It's now used as youth training facilities.
  Mt. Geumgangsan/Ongnyudong
events : self-control training(adventure valley), campfire, adventure camp, ski camp
camp site : accommodation up to 12,000 persons, best at 7,000 persons
lodging : accommodation 26 rooms, 400 persons
: general athletic fields, tennis court
Assembly facility : auditorium, outdoor small and big theater(assembly facility of the gym accommodates 1,000 persons)
training and playing facilities : Traditional play ground, nature experience ground, campfire ground, children self-control training
other facilities : electrical box in the site, parking lot
  Alps youth training house
  Seorak youth training center
  17th World Jamboree, 1991
  17th World Jamboree, 1991
  Gangwon-do Jamboree training center
  Entrance of Jamboree