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Cultural festival synopsis

when : Every September 22 and 23
where : Goseong Public Stadium
Inquiry : Culture and tourism section of Goseong-gun Tel. 033-680-3354

The name of Suseong Cultural Festival was derived from the old name fo Goseong. This has been held at a public stadium every September 22 and 23 since 1983. There are many art and literature events, folk events and athletic events for union and prosperity of country people. Suseong cultural festival, named after the fact that the area of Goseong and Ganseong was Suseong in the Goryeo age, was established in 1983. The Suseong cultural festival, which is a local festival begins every year on the 22nd and 23rd of September in public athletic fields with every citizen in attendance. It is held as a Hanmadang feast, to pledge the unity and the prosperity of the citizen, and provides many programs such as a literature and art event, a traditional event and an athletic event.


Various traditional events

| Sequence | Sacrificial rituals for four gods of sky,ground,mountains, and sea, eve events, art and literature events, events before ceremony, folk events, athletic events.


1. Making a stone bridge of Myeongpa-ri


It has been a traditional folk play since three kingdoms Dynasty. This bridge was build for people to pass during rainy season long ago and the way to bring stones is very impressive.

2. Banbauhurijilno-ri(playing gishing with a net)


This is a scene of a big catch of fish and expresses the pleasure of a big catch of fish.

3. Sunpomaeul pungnyeonno-ri(a harvest festival of Sunpo village)


This is a simple traditional play which expresses the pleasure of good harvest.

4. Sampojijeongdajigi


This is a traditional play that people finishing all the field work used to do with a torch in their hands between 8:00pm through midnight.

Myeongpa lay stone bridge
Banbawi dragnet song
Sampo harden jijeong
Sunpo-maeul song for the year of good harvest
Geojin god of fish ceremony