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Historical trip
One days course
1.Cheongganjeong2.Hwajinpo3.Unification Observatory4.Sea spa
Trip details
Start at Sokcho-si City(Mt. Seoraksan)
Move from Sokcho-si City to Cheonjin, Toseong-myeon
(60 min.)
Breakfast : Yeongyangdolsotbap
(food) Yeongyangdolsotbap (7,000won per person)
(10 min.)
move to Cheongganjeong Pavilion
1. Cheongganjeong Pavilion
(key of the trip) Cheonggancheon, the fantastic rock
cliff, the hanging board with a calligraphy of former president, Leeseungman
sunrise at the east sea
(30 min.)
transfer from Cheongganjeong Pavilion to Hwajinpo
(transit) proceed toward Unification Observatory on national highway 7
proceed toward Daejin at Geojin/Daejin junction take a right at the sign of the places in "Gaeul Donghwa?quot; in Hwajinpo
2. Hwajinpo
History Security museum, places in "Gaeul Donghwa", Hwajinpo places in "Gaeul Donghwa",
(key of the trip) Leeseungman' Cabin, Kimilseong' Cabin, Leegibung' Cabin,
prehistoric remains, places in "Gaeul Donghwa" the sea museum, Hwajinpo swimming beach(reference 18p)
12:30~12:40 Transfer from Hwajinpo to Daejin Harbor
(transit) proceed toward Unification Observatory from Hwajinpo
Take a right and the sing stone saying 'the road of the Tongil', 500m from there
(60 min.)
Lunch : district of raw fish restaurants at Daejin Harbor(raw fish, Hoedeopbap, hot chowder)
There are many raw fish restaurants at Daejin Harbor, which takes place in the northernmost of the east sea area.

You can taste fresh raw fish caught in the clean sea are of the northernmost of the east sea. Flatfish, sole, sea bream, etc. are especially good.
(food) various raw fish (raw fish set large/medium/small 70,000~40,000won),
7,000won hot chowder 20,000~35,000 won

13:40~14:00 Transfer from Daejin to Tongil security park, (20 min.)
<transit> proceed toward Unification Observatory from Daejin Harbor on the national highway 7
3. Entrance report and education in the Tongil security park
Report and education required for the admission of Unification Observatory.

(Admission procedures)
-make out the entrance report form(the leader of the group must bring his/her certificate of residence
-watch 7 min. slide in the education hall(600 sits) of Tongil Security Park
-10 min. to Unification Observatory in your car
(admission hour)
spring, fall 09:00~16:30, summer 09:00~17:30, winter 09:00~15:50
14:30~14:40 Transfer from Tongil security park to Unification Observatory
3. Unification Observatory
16:00~16:30 transfer from Unification Observatory to Geumgangsan Condo(30min.)
proceed toward Sokcho-si City at Unification Observatory, 100m ahead of Tongil Security Park
4. Sea spa
(key of the trip) magnificent natural scenery, beautiful east sea and an island of thick pine forest surround Geumgangsan Condo in the northernmost east sea. The sea spa has much mineral such as calcium, magnesium, lactates, carbonates, etc. because it's made of the sea water from the clean sea area
transfer from Geumgangsan Condo to Ganseong, take a right at Daedae-ri on the national highway 7, 10 min. from there
Dinner : traditional roasted pork (reference 85p)
(food) home bred fresh roasted pork (7,000won per person)
Transfer from Gwangsan-ri to Sokcho-si City(Mt. Seoraksan)