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Family trip
2nights 3days course
1.HwajinpoSwimming Beach2.Unification Observatory3.Geonbongsa Temple 4.Jangsin amusement park5.Jinburyeong art museum6.Alps Leisure sports
Trip details
Starting Seoul to Ganseong (transit) Seou lMisa-r i YangpyeongInjeJinburyeongGanseong
Lunch : boiled barley, wrapped rice, Makguksu, raw fish
<Edible greens>, bean-paste pot stew that go together to make Home-tasting light lunch with boiled barley and biji stew which kids may be tasting for the first time.
(Transit) Proceed toward Ganseong and take a left at Daedae-ri check point to Unification Observatory and proceed.
1. Hwajinpo Swimming Beach
History and Security Exhibition Hall / Hwajinpo sea museum / places in "Gaeul Donghwa"

(Key in the trip)
dabbling in blue sea, catching hidden clams, building a sand house, visiting villas of History and Security Exhibition Hall and sea museum to look at all kind of clams in the world will be beneficial for children. Take a bicycle trip around Hwajinpo and dolmen stocks of the stone age.

dinner : live fish, hot chowder
19:00~20:00 Sea water spaMt.
Geumgangsan Condo is located at the northernmost of the East sea. It has a fascinating natural sight of beautiful East sea and thick pine forest. Sea spa made of sea water of clean sea area has an abundance of healthy minerals such as calcium, magnesium, lactate, carbonate. <Entrance> It costs 4,000 won per person
20:00~ 1 night

Transfer to Tongil security park <transit> go toward Unification Observatory from Hwajinpo

2. Entrance report and instruction in Tongil security park.They are necessary for the admission.
(admission procedures)
⊙ make out an admission report(bring the
    leader's certificate of residence)
⊙ watch the instruction slide for 7 min. in the
    education hall of Tongil security park(600 sits)
⊙ move to Unification Observatory in your car
    (10min.)(admission time)
    winter09:00~15:50Tongil security park
    Unification Observatory
2.Unification Observatory
Unification ObservatoryGwangsan-ri
proceed toward Sokcho on national highway 7, at Daedae-ri checkpoint take a left turn to national highway 46 to Jinburyeong.
Lunch : traditional roasted pork, rice hash with wild edible greens. You can always taste fresh roasted pords because they are made of home bred native pigs. Also, roasted dried Alaska Pollack is good too, because it was dried in pure environment.
Gwangsan-riGeonbongsa Temple <transit> driveway of Geonbongsa Temple is at 50m
from Gwangsan elementary school. 4km from there
3. Geonbongsa Temple
Geonbongsa TempleJangsin amusement park
(transit) take national highway 46 at Geonbongsa Templeproceed toward Jinburyeongvalley/amusement park on the left
4.valley/amusement park
Jangsin amusement parkJinburyeong
(transit)take national highway 46 at Jangsin amusement park, Jinburyeong art museum is at the right.
5.Jinburyeong art museum
Gukmin association composed of graduates from Seoul University and others opened it at October 21st, 1999, and managing Lee, jung-seop hall and general art room.At Lee, Jung-seop hall, about 30 art pieces are hung during the year, and it shows the national artist Daehyang Leejungseop's art and life. At the general art room, there are many art pieces of national main artists. (Entrance)free(Opening time)09:00~17:00
Jinburyeong art museumAlps resort
(transit) 50m before the Jinburyeong art museum enter the road to Alps resort
6.Alps resort(lawn sleigh/golf/indoor pool)
(fees in Alps resort leisure sports center)
a skiing ground : 6 hole(general 25,000~26,000 won, 1 person)
Lawn sleigh :10,000 won, 1 person
indoor pool : Adult 5,000 won, children 3,500 won
Lunch : Korean restaurant
(food) Seolleongtang, various stews, rice hash