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Places in drama
One days course
1.Field of reeds in Sinpyeong2.Hwaamsa Templepath up the mountain to Hwaamsa Temple3.Hwajinpo4.Sea
Trip details
Starting Sokcho-si(Mt. Seoraksan)
(transit) take national highway 7 at Sokcho toward Unification Observatory, take a left at 100m from Yongchon check point to Sinpyeong-ri(Toseong-myeon)
1. field of reeds in Sinpyeong
(key of the trip) Reeds make gold waves at field of Sinpyeong, and Ulsanbawi Rock unfolded far away. There's the love story of Eunseo and Junseo
Field of reeds in SinpyeongHwaamsa Temple
(transit)go toward Daemyeong Condo, 1km from the sign of Hwaamsa Temple
2. Hwaamsa Temple

(key in the trip) You will see Subawi, Hwaam falls, and Ulsan bawi.


Path up to Hwaamsa TempleSubawi in front of Hwaamsa Temple path from Hwaamsa Temple to Subawi is not steep which makes easy to walk up the mountain.
Hwaamsa TempleGeojin Harborgu<transit>proceed from Hwaamsa Temple to Yongchon, at Yongchon go toward Unification Observatory on the national highway 7, at the Geojin/Daejin junction take a left toward Geojin.
Lunch : Geojin Harbor raw fish restaurant town
At the Geonjin Harbor, you will see many raw fish restaurants. You can taste fresh raw fish of clean sea area at the chief producing place of Alaska Pollack, and natural flatfish, sole, sea bream are to be trusted.
(Food)live fish, rice with raw fish, hot chowder
Geojin HarborHwajinpo
<transit>proceed from Geojin to Daejin, take right at the sign of places in "GaeulDonghwa", 1.5km from there.
3. Hwajinpo
History and Security Exhibition Hall
Hwajinpo sea museum
Places in "Gaeul Donghwa
"(key in the trip) Some scenes in "Gaeul Donghwa" were taken. Scense such as; Eunseo meeting Junseo, who came back from the states, again at the plays of their childhood memory, Yumi trying to kill herself by drowning in the sea, and Junseo taking a walk with dying Eunseo on his back.Ride bicycles, catch clams, pose like Eunseo and Junseo...
HwajinpoWonam-ri, Toseong-myeon
4. feldspar granite spa/spa
(key in the trip)How about relieving your fatigue by open spa with the sight of Mt. Seoraksan, strong alkaline spa and feldspar granite spa.
(fee)4,000 won per a person
dinner : Sutbulgalbi, Hanjeongsik
Near Wonam condo district, there are many restaurants with good service and neat interior. Fresh ribs and side dishes are tasty.
(food) Sutbulgalbi, Hanjeongsik
19:00~19:30 Wonam-riMt. Seoraksan<transit>take national highway 7 in direction to Sokcho-si