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Traditional village tour - to learn ancestors' wisdom and old construction style.

Tourists must not miss the traditonal houses in Goseong. They can watch old construction style such as the ceiling and floors with seperated doors and learn ancestors' wisdom to have made a living against the cold of winter.

Wanggok village

Wanggok village is located at the back side of Songjinho. The name Wanggok village is the old name of Obong 1-ri, which swarmed Hams of Gangneung, Chois of Gangneung and Kims of Yonggung around 14th century. It was said that people built tiltecapped house because there was a place to make ties near the village.
There is a beautiful collection of twenty one buildings constructed in avout the 19th century. This village was not attacked at all during the Korean war because of its surroundng 5 peaks.


There is a tradition that every house put a jar on the chimney and there is no well in this village because the shape of this village is like a ship and people believed if they dig out a well the village would be ruined. There had been many tile-roofed houses even though villagers were not rich. The reason is that there us a tile-kiln near the village.

Eo-Myeonggi's gaok(house)

This house is more than 250 years old. It is a square beam house with high stereobates and eight angled roof. its annex includes mills. National Important Folk Materials No.131.

Lee Deokgyun's gaok(house)

this house was built in 1879 by Lee Dongeon who is ancestor of Lee Deokgyun, present owner. Lee Deokgyun, his son Lee Yongseong , and his grandson Lee sangsoo all live together here at the present. It consists of 8 buildings, 5 rooms and 1 kitchen. Gangwon-do local culture properties materials (no.77)

Ham Jeonggyun's gaok(house)

This house is thought to have been built about 150 years ago. One of 72 people living in Dumundong at the end of Goryeo, a descendant of Ham Huisuk got a devoted son's award and has been kept there. Gangwon-do local culture properties materials (No.78)