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The sound of swallowing people's saliva, the taste to share with good people!
Traveling is flutter and pleasant expentation. Delicious foods at the pkace of one's sojourn are the great pleasure. You should try the food of the place you visit. Savour the joy of reginal Korean delicacies. Try the incredible flavors marvellous Goseong's local foods. Tourusts will love that Goseong cooks up. Goweong is famous or various food made of wild edible greens, fish and buckwheat such as Beoseot jeonggol(beef with vegetables and muxhrooms in casserole), Sanchae(wild edible greens) jeongsik, Gamjabuchim(the pan cake made of potat), raw fish, Myoengtae bulgogi(bulgogi made of alaska pollack), as well aw the eight of Goseong.

Mulheo is marinated raw fish. This is good to chase a hangover with a drink before breakfast. It is made of a flatfish, a squid, a sea cucumber, various vegetable and thick soypaste mised with red pepper. It is fresh and tastes good.

Chueotang(mudfish soup)
Ancestors used to eat this food to get energy. It is a kind of soup with grounded mudfish and various kind of vegetables. It also contains lots of Vitamin A.

Goseong Makguksu
The noodkes which are seasoned with hot pepper paste are served with
Dongchimi. It taste even better when you eat this with boiled pork.

Myoengtae jiriguk
It is made of Alaska Pollack and it doesn't have a fishy taste at all. It contains protein and calcium and is low fat content. Jiri mens there is not enough seasoning in a food except for salt.

Teolgejjim(steamed hairy crab)
Hariy crabs from the east sea have special taste and they are usually very big. The inner meat of the crav is soft and the taste is great. People like to mix rice with it.

Dochi duruchigi
This is a sceial winter food and it is more delicious to eat with Gimjang(winter Gimchi). This is good as appetizers served with drinks and a hot chowder. It is called ""Simtugi" as well. The bone is so soft that people can chew and eat it.

Dorumuk(sandfish) jjigae
It's a special winter food. it's simply delicious. The eggs of dorumuk are kno0wn to be healthful so they are exported to Japan. One more good thing about Dorumuk is that it is a high pretein food.

Tojong pork
The porjk of Goseong is famous for its taste and taste and tender.
the flesh is well-nourished and tasty.