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Taste of Goseong | Excellent restaurant
Taste of Goseong
Travel is happy and is an exciting expectation for everyone. Having a great meal in the place of one's sojourn is even bigger a pleasure in making the trip complete. After all, a trip can only be called complete when you have tried the gourmet there. Here awaits all the traditional food of Goseong. Relax your body, tired from the trip, with fresh raw fish, potato flat cake, and a cup of rice wine, along with the sounds of the ocean waves and sea winds.
Cooked fish
Raw fish set
Raw fish set

Sailfin sandfish soup :

Sailfin sandfish is only caught in the East sea. It is known for its great taste and exquisite eggs. Nowadays sailfin sandfish is mainly exported to Japan.

Raw fish set
Alaska Pollack bulgogi :

It is made by putting bulgogi seasoning on Alaska pollack, and roasting it on the charcoal fire. It is simply delicious. You can taste it in any Korean restaurant in Goseong.

Squid sundae :

It is made by emptying the inside of a squid and filling it with grinded meat and many kinds of seasoned vegetables, then cooking it. Its round shape makes it look even more delicious.

Seop soup :

Seop from the East sea has a special taste and lots of nutrition. The Seop soup is a famous dish made from seop.

Cooked wild edible greens
Regular meals with wild edible greens :

There are all kinds of wild edible seasoned greens. The seasoning and the natural flavor of the edible greens is one-of-a-kind.

Mushrooms with vegetables cooked in casserole :

The beef with vegetables cooked in casserole made from many vegetables and mushrooms picked from the deep mountain of Goseong is fragrant and very nutritious.


Potato flat cake and songpyeon :

The potato flat cake is a flat cake made by griddling grinded potatoes. It is soft and melts in the mouth.

The songpyeon made by kneading potato starch and putting in red bean is black in color and is a special traditional food, now rare.

Memil food
Memil has a substance called rutin, which is known to be effective for high blood pressure, sclerosis of the arteries, glaucoma, diabetes, and cancer, and therefore is very popular as a health food.
Memilguksu :

A fresh health food with cooked noodles made from memil flour dipped in juice of dongchimi.

Memil flat cake :

A memil flat cake is a round and crispy flat cake made from memil flour softly kneaded and seasoned, along with boiled chicken, carrots, cucumbers, eggs and salt.

Memil bukkumi :

It is a food made by griddling soft memil flour dough and wrapping boiled red bean with it. The red bean and the flavor of the memil go well together.