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The first class Goseong Alaska pollack | fresh and delicious pickles | chewy and nutritious scallops
| soft and sweet-smelling Cheongjeongdolgim | clean dried squids | Gasiri Jelly/ kelp powder | Chikeori | Mt. Geumgangsan Hwangcheongok
the first class Goseong Alaska pollack

Jinburyeong Alaska pollack dried in a clean high mountain area!
Goseong Alaska pollack, caught in the clean sea of Goseong is a fish lover's favorite, absorbing the seasoning very well. Alaska Pollack pot stew and steamed Alaska pollack is great side dish for alcohol, but it is also known for its special rich tasting broth.

Stores :

Gyeonggi dried fish(82-33-682-3080), Goseong marine association direct store(82-33-682-4516), Dongjin dried fish(82-33-682-0887), Donghae dried fish(82-33-681-1472), Sampo dried fish(82-33-681-4627), Seoul Geyonggi dried fish(82-33-682-5131), Seonggwang dried fish (82-33-681-5175), Seongdo dried fish(82-33-682-2318), Haebyeon dried fish(82-33-682-2539), Ganaan dried fish(82-33-681-6100), Goseongtaeyang dried fish (82-33-681-4948), Musongjeong dried fish(82-33-682-1636), Seorak marine products direct store(82-33-681-5142), Sewon dried fish (82-33-682-5008), Marine association direct store(82-33-681-2743), Sinchon dried fish(82-33-682-5544), Uil dried fish(82-33-681-6224), Mt. Geumgangsan dried fish(82-33-681-6262), Haegeumgang dried fish(82-33-681-0644), Goseong-gun agricultural specialty direct store(82-33-632-7574)