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The first class Goseong Alaska pollack | fresh and delicious pickles | chewy and nutritious scallops
| soft and sweet-smelling Cheongjeongdolgim | clean dried squids | Gasiri Jelly/ kelp powder | Chikeori | Mt. Geumgangsan Hwangcheongok
fresh and delicious pickles

Fermented flatfish, fermented Alaska Pollack, Alaska Pollack seogeori, fermented gills, is served.
In this restuarant the delicies of the Alaska pollack, which is caught in clean seas, is served. But people actually do eat them.

Stores :

Oseong grocery store(82-33-682-2267), Wonsan grocery store(82-33-682-2485), Eunhey total grocery store(82-33-633-5979), Daemyeong grocery store(82-33-635-3459), Bukcheong grocery store(82-33-682-2528), Yeonggwang marine products(82-33-681-5485)