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Mountain climbing

Goseong-gun, Gangwon-do is the north end of Baekdudaegan in South Korea.
The mostly taken path is Masan, Sinseonbong,and
Misiryeong. In good weather, you will see the faint sight of Mt. Geumgangsan range including Birobong over Jinburyeong and Hyangnobong(1,296m) from Masan(1,052m).
Sinseonbong is a mountain top, a little bit off the path, traversing Baekdudaegan,
You will also be able to see the East sea, Sinpyeongbeol, Mt. Seoraksan on the peak of Sinseonbong with stony slopes.

festival sequence
Masan(3hours)Daegallyeong(2hours)Sinseonbong(20min.)Hwaamjae(40min.)Sangbong(1hour 30min.)Misiryeong resting place
From the beginning of entrance of the mountain path to Masan, there are 2 courses :
back of Alps resort(condominium) and through Anheul-ri. Masan is connected southeast to Sinseonbong, Misiryeong, Hwangcheolbong, Madeungnyeong to make Baekdu Daegan.
When you reach the peak of Masanbong, you will see many signs of Alpine clubs which traversed Baekdodaegan. Little down the helicopter stop, you will see the only spring around this section. However, it's not convenient to use this these days, so you better bring edible water on your own. Pass the Byeongpungbawi rock, a coppice appears on the downhill, it is a magnificent sight.
Over a mountain top and down a stony slope, Daegallyeong, also called Saetgogae, appears. From here to Sinseonbong you will have a hard time going over 3 mountain tops.
Sinseonbong is a little bit east to Jureung.
From Sinseonbong to Sangbong(1,239m), stony hills and stony slopes continues, and after Sangbong to Misiryeong there is a stop rest.