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Goseong area at the Baekdudaegan, which connects Mt. Geumgangsan and Mt. Seoraksan, has an abrupt slope toward the sea and many mountain tops toward the land. Due to the influence of Taebaek Mountains, it has different climates compared to other areas. It's warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
The East sea is formed on the rapid slope of Taebaek Mountains , so it's more slanted compared to other seas of Korea. Water is rather cold because of the North Korean current, and the bottom of it is composed of base rocks or thick grits that gives you a clear sight.

The underwater mountain ranges are as developed as that of the Taebaek Mountains , and the underwater valleys are called underwater Geumgang because of its great features. On each rock of the underwater valleys gather sea anemones of the same color and they add to the fascinating scenery along with the corals. The base rock zone is abundant and the water is clear, and therefore able to give a clear view. Underwater the fantastic rock cliff, sea plants, corals, octopus, and schools of yellowtail are also plentiful. The diverse underwater landscapes make this area a favorite among Korean divers. Beach diving, boat diving, and bulwark diving is possible.

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