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From tasty raw fish to sea fishing
Boat fishing Alaska pollacks and squids bustles, lots of arenomyas and sea cucumbers are caught.
At the Harbor of Goseong, various kind of fresh raw fish can be bonght a at cheap price, and you can enjoy sea fishing without the equipment. Geojin Harbor is the greatest Alaska Pollack fishing place and the biggest and most interesting Harbor in Goseong. Alaska Pollack drying shelves are lined up around the Harbor, sunset at the Harbor, and lights of the boats on the sea are the ideal beauty.








General view of Geojin Harbor


restaurant serving fresh sliced
raw of live fish

Daejin Harbor lighthouse at the
northernmost East sea







a night view of Geojin Harbor


Alaska Pollack driers near
Daejin Harbor

fishing boats and fishing nets







women divers



fresh fish
boat fishingBoat

Moving from Goseong Bongpo Harbor to a beautiful island, Jukdo Island, is a popular experience for fishing trips.You will ride in a firstclass motor boat as you enjoy the sightseeing. Jukdo Island was named after the many bamboo trees in the island. The scenery of big cone pine is outstanding. 4km boat trip from Bongpo Harbor to Jukdo Island is graceful. It's fascinating looking around a rare island in the East Seas. Major class of fishflounder(saekkosi), Haetteugi, finespotted flounder etc.
Aquanautics information
Chodo 82-33-681-5281 Munam2-ri 82-33-632-3879
Geojin 82-33-682-2307 Ayajin 82-33-631-5634
Banam 82-33-682-4017 Cheonggan 82-33-631-4177
Gajin 82-33-682-5289 Cheonjin 82-33-632-6020
Gonghyeonjin 82-33-631-3818 Bongpo 82-33-632-7884
Oho-ri 82-33-631-3067    
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